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Managing blog

After adding a blog to your site, you can manage the posts in global settings. If some posts in the blog aren't relevant anymore or should have stayed in the drafts from the beginning, see how to unpublish it or delete the blog completely in the instructions below.

Tip: If you haven't set up a blog yet, you may need to follow the instructions in the Adding and setting up a blog article.

Managing blog

Open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Blog tab:

... or hover over the preview of the posts in the editor and click Manage posts:

Access the settings of the needed post by clicking on the three dots — here you can Preview, Duplicate, Publish, or Delete the post:

Note: Preview mode will be available after the first publishing of the site.

To remove the post from the published site and move it to Drafts, choose Unpublish:

Deleting blog

To remove blog, access the site settings and navigate to the Blog tab:

Expand the Settings section and click on the Remove blog button:

Important: The blog will be removed from the published site only. All your data will be kept in the site settings, so you will be able to re-install it later:

Updated on: 01/28/2023

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