Displaying blog on the live site with blog feed will help you draw more attention to it, as well as make sure your visitors don't miss out on recent posts.

If you haven't set up a blog yet, make sure to follow the guides here: Adding and setting up a blog.

When you start adding blog posts, a Blog app page is automatically added to your site. You can view and access it right in the editor:

All the posts you publish will be displayed on this page - the newest on the top. 

If you wish to add a blog feed to a particular page of the site, e.g. home page etc, you should add a Blog feed app:

This feed will display most recent posts. You can add the missing ones right in the editor:

For further posts management head back to the general blog settings:

Click on the feed settings to select the blog feed layout:

Navigate to the Display tab to select the components to be displayed on the blog post:

Learn how to manage your blog posts in the article here: Managing blog.
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