Customize the blog post for the search engines and social networks to help your blog get noticed and improve its ranking.

For guides on primary blog management, make sure to check out the article:

Managing blog

To start with, click to edit the post:

Switch to the settings tab:

Set a custom SEO title instead of an autogenerated one:

Change the post URL - this will be a direct link to the post on the live site:

Choose Hide from search result to prevent post's page from being visible in the search engines:

Add a checkmark next to Don't follow links in the post if you need to prevent search robots from following the links on this page:

Post preview image and description will be picked up by the search engines and social networks - for instance, when you share the post on Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Preview image will also be cover image for the post:

Note: to get the best results, we recommend that the image proportions are 2:1.

Add 3-5 keywords to best describe the post - these will be scanned by the search engines:

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