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Adding contributors

You can add contributors to your Weblium site to collaborate on it with your teammates. This option will be useful for sharing access with your clients, designers or copywriters to facilitate and streamline the whole work process.

Important: If you are inviting contributors to a site in the reseller account, Weblium mentions will be removed from everywhere, and the invitation link will contain only the branding of your organization.

Contributors can:

edit and publish a site;
add marketing integrations (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.);
create and manage blog posts;
access the form replies;
set up the form integrations (Email, Zapier, etc.);
edit payment methods in the online store (cannot add them from scratch, though);
edit shipment methods in the online store (cannot add them from scratch, though);
add custom code.

Contributors can't:

access domain settings;
delete or duplicate a site;
invite other contributors;
view and change the website's Pro subscription and the payment method used with it;
receive requests from site's contact forms in Weblium CRM;
create and restore site versions;
manage Weblium label.

Note: The maximum number of contributors for one site is 10.

Adding contributors to a site

For that, log in to your account and hover over to the needed site preview.

Click on three dots near the site preview and choose Add contributor in the drop-down menu:

... or you can navigate to the Contributors tab in the Settings of your site and click on Invite contributor there:

Enter the contributor's email in the pop-up window and click Send invite:

A prospective contributor will have to accept the invitation by clicking on the link in the email:

Important: Pending invitations will expire after 3 days.

Upon clicking on the link, the contributor will have an option to create an account on our platform (or in your organization) or log in to the existing one:

If the signup/ login was successful, the contributor will see a confirmation message. Click Got it to proceed with editing the site:

Deleting a contributor

The site owner can remove a contributor from the site completely. For that, access the site Settings, navigate to the Contributors tab, click on the three dots and hit Delete:

The contributor can leave the site at any moment by clicking on the three dots and choosing the option Stop contributing in the dropdown:

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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