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Transferring a website to another account

Transferring a website to another account

You can transfer your site to another Weblium account with a few clicks and without any loss of the content.

Important: This option is available for Pro sites with an active plan only.

In order to transfer your website to another account, you should go through the following steps:

Go to your personal account and pick the site, which will be transferred to another account.

Click on the three dots and choose Transfer

Enter the email address of the recepient account, tick the confirmation message to authenticate the transfer and click Transfer

Done! Now you will have the following massage where the site used to be:

Note: You are able to cancel the transfer until the new owner accepts it.

Accepting a website transfer from another user

If a website is being transferred to your account, you will receive a following notification:

You can either Accept or Cancel the transfer.

Note: After accepting the invite you are not able to stop the transfer process.

When clicking Accept, you can now choose the role of the previous site owner. It can be either a Contributor, who have limited permissions or without any permissions at all.

Tip: To find out more about contributors and their permission, you can check the Adding contributors article.

If No permissions option is chosen, the previous owner will not be able to edit the site.

After you’ve chosen the role, press Accept transfer

Note: Bear in mind that the referral discount (50% for a Pro subscription) cannot be applied to a transferred website.


To complete the process of the transfer the site has to be upgraded to Pro.

Note: Only annual Pro subscription is available for purchase when accepting the transfer.

Tip: Check out the Purchasing a Pro subscription article to find out more information on Pro subscribtion.

After the payment is done the site transfer is complete and now the new account is the owner of the site. Both accounts will receive a notification about every part of the process via email.

A slot for the existing subscription will appear in the account of the previous owner. It will appear right after the transfer and can be Applied to one of the existing free sites. Or you can Choose a template and apply the subscription:

The subscription cannot be paused during the period when it is available as a slot. It will be active until the expiration date. It also cannot be prolonged, this function is disabled in the process of the transfer.

Note: The transfer is available only between personal accounts. If you want to transfer a site from your organization, please contact us via chat or at

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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