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Transferring a website to another account

You can transfer your site to another user's Weblium account in just a few clicks and without losing content. This is convenient if you create custom websites and want to transfer the finished site to your client or if you need to transfer the site to your another account.

Note: You can transfer sites with both a paid and free subscription.
Important: When moving a site, its current subscription remains in the account of the first owner (a paid subscription cannot be transferred to another user).

The new site owner will be given a trial subscription for 14 days. You can find out about this in the Site subscription section.

Site transferring to another account

To transfer a site to another account, follow these steps:

Log in to your account where the site that you would like to transfer to another user's account is currently located.

In the list of sites opposite the required site, click the button with three dots and select Transfer:

Note: The transfer option is only available for sites that were created less than 11 months ago.

Enter the email address of the user to whom you want to transfer the site. Make sure the email provided is correct, and check the box to confirm the transfer. Click the Transfer ownership button:

When transferring a website, you can also transfer the domain connected to it to the new owner by activating the corresponding Transfer with domain checkbox.
Note: if the domain was not transferred to the new owner along with the site during the transfer, this domain will remain in your account (of the first owner). If the domain is a third-party domain (not purchased on Weblium), you can delete it from your account, after which the new owner will be able to connect it in their account to the received site with a previously purchased paid subscription.

Done! Now, in the place where the site was, you will see the following message:

Note: Each account can have up to three sites on free and trial subscriptions and an unlimited number of sites on paid ones. To receive a site during its transfer, the recipient's account must have no more than two sites on free or trial subscriptions.
Tip: The recipient of the site (the new owner) will be able to make you, the site's previous owner, the site's contributor in 1 click so that you can continue to edit it.
Please note: The transfer is available only between personal accounts. If you want to transfer a site from your organization, please contact us via chat or at

Accepting a website transfer from another user

If the site is transferred to your account, you will receive the following message:

You can Accept transfer or Cancel transfer using the appropriate buttons.

Note: Once you accept the site in your account, it will no longer be possible to stop or cancel the transfer (but, if necessary, you can move it back to another account).

Immediately after clicking the Accept transfer button, you will be asked to select a role for the previous owner of the site. You can make the former owner a contributor with limited permissions or completely remove access to the site:

Tip: To find out more about contributors and their permissions, you can check the Adding contributors article.

If you select the No permissions option, the previous owner will lose access to the site and can no longer edit it.

Once you have selected the role, click the Accept transfer button. The site will appear in your account as a trial subscription. After that, you can purchase a paid subscription for it if necessary.

Tip: You can visit the Purchasing a paid subscription article to get more information about how to buy a Pro subscription.

Both users will receive an email notification about each stage of the site transfer.

Site subscription

If a site with a paid subscription was transferred, then the previous owner of the transferred site will have a slot with an active paid subscription in their account. This subscription can be applied to one of the existing sites on a free subscription or to a new site using the Choose a template button:

A subscription cannot be renewed, terminated, or canceled while it remains in an empty slot. It will remain in effect until the end of the term and then automatically cancel if it is not applied to a specific site.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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