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Site statistics

Once you've launched your site, it's important to understand how it is performing and what you can do to increase the views. You can find the statistics of the site created at Weblium in the settings. The statistics shows you the number of form replies and site views, most popular pages, and much more.

With this information you can improve content according to your customers' needs — for example, if you have a large number of customers from a particular country, let's say Spain, you should think about creating a Spanish version of your site. Site statistics also helps identify what exactly attracts your audience and focus on the least popular pages to increase their performance.

Follow the instructions below to see how you can view your site statistics.

Site statistics

To see the statistics of your site, open its Settings and navigate to the Site statistics tab:

Firstly, you should choose the specific period to show the stats. This feature is useful because you can clearly track how the traffic on the site has changed during the advertising campaign and whether it was successful. To do this, click on the field at the top right corner and choose the preferred start and end date:

In the Site statistics tab, you will see sessions — uninterrupted visitors' interactions with your site:

One user can have multiple sessions. A session is considered new if at least 30 minutes have passed between the visitor's activity periods. Sessions are connected to the browser — if a user changes browser and opens your site again, this will be considered a new session.

It is convenient to use this parameter together with the number of unique visitors — if the ratio of sessions to unique visitors grows, this means that users are returning to your site.

Below, you can see the graph of page views during the selected period:

The page visit graph shows the number of pages viewed regardless of sessions or unique visitors. This parameter can be considered in relation to unique visitors as an indicator of the site's content's relevance to your target audience.

Besides, in the Form replies tab you can see the number of replies submitted from the contact forms on your website, and the statistics for each form separately:

The contact forms are the main way of communication between the owner of the site and its visitors. Make sure that you add the contact form on your website and set up its fields correctly. To increase the number of the leads and organize your work, we suggest integrating different marketing services that you can find in the Marketing integrations tab.

The Traffic source section shows you where your visitors are coming from, such as search engines or other sites:

This stats can help you figure out which methods of website promotion work most efficiently and which ones are falling behind. Don't forget to set up all the necessary SEO to improve your positions in the search results.

The Top-5 countries section shows you the geography of your site visitors:

This information is crucial for building a good user experience. To create meaningful content on your site, you should understand your target audience. You can run a personalized ad campaign featuring customers from the most viewed regions, mention them in your newest blog article, etc.

The Top-5 popular pages list allows you to find out exactly which pages are in demand among your visitors:

This stats helps you identify areas that can be improved and research why certain pages are more popular than others — maybe you need to revamp the whole design and structure of the pages to make them look fresh and updated.

Besides our native statistics tool, you can connect the third-party services for tracking the activity on your site. For that, check the SEO & Analytics tab in our Help Center.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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