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Accessing the comment mode

While you are working on your Weblium site, you may need to collect feedback from your teammates (or clients) regarding the site structure, content etc. In this case, a comment mode may come in handy as it allows multiple users to give their input to the site creation.

Important: Comment mode is available for published sites only. Check the Publishing a site article for more detailed information.

Accessing the comment mode of the site

To enable the comment mode, go to your site's editor, click on the three dots in the toolbar and choose the Comment mode option :

Sharing the link to the comment mode

Access the comment mode window and click on Share at the top right corner:

... or you can also choose the Share option on the toolbar:

In the drop-down list Copy and share, select the comment mode link:

Then, copy the link to your clipboard to send it to your colleagues or clients:

Important: The link will be accessible even for non-Weblium users. Bear in mind that only the link that you have copied from the Share tab will be accessible. The link that you have copied from your browser tab won't work.

Managing the comments

In the comment mode, you can leave a general comment on the entire site or comment on the specific site parts. All comments have the assigned numbers. Keep in mind that only text comments are supported in this mode at the moment — you can’t attach files to them (pictures, videos, etc.) or receive notifications of new comments on your email.

Click anywhere on the site to leave a comment to that specific part:

Tip: You can also move the numbers to the comments across the site.

Click on the comment itself to reply:

Click on the three dots and choose Delete to remove the comment completely:

Once the issue has been resolved, click on the check mark icon to remove it from the Active tab:

All resolved comments will be accessible in the Resolved tab:

Tip: If you want to give your teammates or clients the permission not only to comment but also to edit the site, check the Adding contributors to your site article.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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