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Site history

The site history feature allows you to save and store different versions of your site. These versions can be restored to bring a site back to the point in time when the particular version was made. This feature is useful for keeping your content and data safe in case of unwanted actions or if you've changed your mind about something.

Important: We can save and restore only the content and design of the site pages in the editor. General site settings, such as the visibility in search results, applications (e.g., blog), integrations (e.g., Zapier), analytics cannot have different versions and, therefore, cannot be restored.

Saving a current version of your site

There are a few ways to save a current version of your site.

Firstly, go to your site's editor, and click on the watch icon in the toolbar and choose the option Save current site version:

...or choose the Site history option and then save the current version from there:

You can also save your current version from the pop-up window after you publish your site:

Important: You can store up to 5 versions of your free site and up to 100 versions of the Pro site.

Restoring the previous version of your site

To restore the previous version, go to your site's editor, click on the watch icon in the toolbar and select the Site history option from the drop-down menu:

...or open the General info tab in the Settings of your site, scroll down to Website Actions and click on Site history:

You can also open the Site history by clicking on the three dots on the site preview in the dashboard:

Choose the needed version in the new window and click Restore:

In the pop-up window click Restore:

Note: When restoring a version, current site version is saved automatically so you can go back to it anytime.

You will receive the confirmation window if the restoration is successful. Now you can decide whether to publish this version or go back to editing:

Tip: Click on the three dots near a certain version to rename or delete it:

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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