The "www" in the URL is a standard prefix for one's public website. According to the SEO purposes, it is preferable to show a website only under or, not both URLs. Otherwise, search engines see duplicate content on the "www" and "non-www" domains and may downgrade the site ranking.

Once you've connected a domain to your site on Weblium, the "www" isn't displayed in your domain name by default; it's just mirroring to https://.

However, the sites on Weblium will respond both to the www-prefixed and the non-www-prefixed domains, using the 301 redirect. Thus, when the visitors access the URL, they will be automatically redirected to — the root domain. It is a good tip since you can't predict which URL users will type in their browser's URL bar — using this redirect, you won't lose traffic on your site, and the search engines won't mark your domain as a duplicated content.

To add this redirect, follow the instructions below.

Adding "www" redirect

If you've connected your domain to a site via NS method, the "www" redirect should appear automatically after the successful propagation period. You can later check this in your DNS management tab:

If you've chosen the A record for your domain connection, make sure to add the following A record on the domain registrar's side to make the "www" redirect work:

Type: A
Host: www
Points to:

Important: it may take up to 24-48 hours for the records to propagate worldwide. During this time, the connection may not be stable, or the site may not be available on all devices.
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