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Adding your own code to the site

You can add your own code to the site to integrate a third-party service — for example, a typeform, booking system, calendar, etc. With the help of our tools you can integrate your code either to the whole website or to a specific page.

Important: The feature is available for Pro sites only.
Tip: You can learn how to add CSS classes to your site's elements in this guide.

Before you begin:

Request the code from the developers.
Bear in mind that custom HTML scripts can reduce the score for your site performance. We still encourage you to use it, just try to optimize the code — for example, remove spaces, commas, and other unnecessary characters.

Adding your own code to a particular page

If you want to add your code to a particular page, you can do it right in the editor. For that, open the block gallery and click on the Embed code block:

....or choose the Embed code element in some existing blocks:

Note: adding code in a block is useful when, for example, you need to add a widget to the entire block width or if you need to add CSS or JS code to one page only to affect other blocks on the page.

Then, hover over and click on a “gear” in the block:

In the new window paste the needed code and click Save:

Publish the site for the changes to take effect.

Adding your own code to the whole site

Firstly, go to the Settings of your site and navigate to the Custom code tab:

Add the code to the required section and click Save:

Important: Questions regarding custom code modifications or troubleshooting fall out of the scope of our support team. In case you need some assistance, contact the support of the third-party service you're using.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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