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You can add your own code to the site to integrate a third-party service e.g. a typeform, booking system, chat, calendar etc.

First you will need to request the code from the developers. Then, add it to your site on Weblium.

Important: the feature is available on PRO sites only.

There are two ways of adding a code:

Embed code block

You can add it right in the editor. For that, click on the "Embed code" block:

....or choose the embed code element in some existing blocks:

Then, hover over and click on a “gear” in the block; in the new window add the code and click Save:

Publish the site for the changes to take effect.

Custom code

To add a custom code to the whole site, click on the site settings:

Navigate to the Custom code tab:

Add the code to the required section - head or body:


With this method the code you added will be displayed on all site pages.
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