You can add a link to an element on your Weblium site so it opens another block, page or an external resource.

If you'd like to add a link to a text element, select the text and click on the “Add link” icon:

Then, click on the “gear” icon:

If you are adding a link to a button, image etc, open the settings of that element:

Now, you can go on to setting up a click action. Choose one of the actions offered:

Scroll to block

- opens a block on the same page. For that, select the block in the dropdown:

Or, click here to select a block visually:

Open page

- opens a page on your site. Select one in the dropdown:

Jump to block on another page

- opens a block located on another page of the site. First choose the page, and then a relevant block:

Web address

- allows you to direct your site visitors to an external resource. Add link to that resource here:


- allows you to add a link to the phone number. This is particularly useful for viewing the site on mobiles as it will allow your site visitors to initiate a call with you with just a click.


- when you add a link to it, it becomes clickable. This way your site visitors can send you an email right from your site (provided that they have a mail service installed).

File download

- allows your site visitors to download a file from your site. Click on on the button to select a file already on the site or upload a new one:

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