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Changing site's font

Once you pick a template, it will come with a pre-defined site font which you can change to your liking. Weblium allows you to change a font family for the whole website or set a specific font for various typography (e.g. headings, titles, etc.).

Changing the font set

You can choose a completely different font set for your website, provided by Google Fonts. Once you do so, the font will be updated throughout the website and will remain consistent whichever block you add.

Сlick on the Site style icon on the toolbar in the editor:

Navigate to the Texts tab, browse through the font sets library and choose a suitable one:

Tip: if none of the built-in font sets meets your needs, upload your custom font according to the instructions in the article Uploading your own font.

Selecting a font for a particular typography

You can choose a specific font for a particular text type on your site — for example, links, quotes, etc.

Access the Texts tab in the Site style, hover over the current site font and click Edit:

Here you will be able to modify the font for different typography. For that, hover over the text type and click on the "gear" to access the settings:

Choose a font family and adjust the font size, line height, and letter spacing. Click Done to save the changes:

Publish the site for the changes to appear live.

Updated on: 03/06/2022

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