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To create a multilingual site, you need to create a separate site for each of the languages, and then interlink them correctly. This way, your main site will be hosted on a domain, and the sites in other languages - on subdomains. 

For instance, the site in English will be on, the version in French on and so on.

You can find more detailed instructions below:

Choose the main language and create a site in it.

Important: add a header with a built-in language switcher:

Duplicate the main site for all other languages.

Add the content on all sites so it corresponds to the chosen language.

Connect the domain to the main site and subdomains to other sites.

On the main site, select the language in the header and click Add link:

In the "Go to" field add a link to the home page in the corresponding language. For example, if the main site is in English, when clicking on French your site visitors have to be redirected to the French version of the site. Thus, you add a link to

Repeat the previous step for all languages adding the links to the correct versions of the site. This way, all site versions will be linked to each other, creating a single entity.
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