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Button click tracking

With the help of the button click tracking option you can receive the reports on how many times the visitors of your website click on a certain button. The reports will arrive to your Google Analytics account.

Important: This feature is available only for Pro sites.

Button click tracking

To set it up, click on the button itself and then press on the "gear" to open the Button settings:

Click on Button click tracking in the Action tab in the pop-up window:

In the next window toggle on the option Send events to Google Analytics and add the parameters. The info from these fields will be sent to your Google Analytics account:

Important: Make sure to connect Google Analytics to your site. For more instructions on how to do it, check the Connecting Google Analytics article.
Note: These fields are for "Google Universal Analytics," i.e., the previous version of Google Analytics. Its new and current version - Google Analytics 4 - accepts only one of these three fields: "Action."

You can also toggle on the Advanced settings, where you can set the value of this particular event and tick the option to not include it when calculating bounce rate:

Click Apply to enable the integration and publish the site for the changes to take an effect.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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