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Canceling domain subscription

After purchasing a domain directly from Weblium, it will be automatically renewed once it reaches the expiration date. We renew all services by default to ensure that your site remains available to your visitors.

If you'd like to cancel the subscription for the domain purchased with us, follow the steps below.

Tip: Canceling the domain subscription means that the domain will be active until the expiration date, but won't be renewed afterward. During this period, you can enable auto-renewal again.

Canceling domain subscription

For that, open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Domains tab:

Click on the three dots near your domain name and choose the Cancel auto-renew option in the dropdown:

In the pop-up press on Proceed to cancel the subscription:

Important: To cancel the upcoming renewal, ensure you disable at least 1 day before the expiration date shown in the Domains tab.

If you want to cancel a domain from a third-party provider, make sure to contact them directly for further instructions.

Canceling domain subscription in personal account

In addition to disabling auto-renewal in the site settings, you can also use another method and cancel it in the general list of domains in your account. To do this:

Go to your account (list of all your sites) and open section Domains;
In the Auto-renewal column next to the domain, you need to move the slider to the left to disable automatic domain renewal:

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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