AWeber is an email marketing provider that helps you stay in touch with customers via email. AWeber integration with contact forms on your site will allow you to easily convert new leads to your subscribers.

To set up AWeber integration, do the following:

Enter the site settings and proceed to the Form management tab, switch to Integrations:

Press on AWeber field, then click Connect:

Login to your AWeber account in the pop-up window. (If you don't have one yet, sign up here)

Now go to the Integrations tab in the form settings to enable the integration. Press on AWeber, then select the subscribers list that you want the leads to be sent to:

Synchronize your form fields with corresponding fields in your AWeber audience list. This way the data from a particular field will get transferred to a certain column in AWeber's table. First, click on Sync fields with AWeber:

Add all of the form fields one-by-one and match them with AWeber fields. Email field is required to match as this is the essential information. We also recommend that you add the Name field and match it accordingly. This will come in handy later when you reach out to your subscribers:

Note: you can add certain tags to identify the campaigns and group the subscribers:

To see how it works, try submitting the form with a test and go back to your AWeber account to check for updates in your subscribers list.

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