Hotjar is a web analytics tool that gives you an in-depth understanding of your site visitors' behavior. With Hotjar, you can create heatmaps, which provide a visual representation of clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior.

Follow the instructions below to connect Hotjar to your Weblium site.

Important: this feature is available only for Pro sites.

Step 1. Accessing the Hotjar ID

Sign up or log in the existing account at Hotjar.

Open the Sites & Organizations tab and click on Tracking code near your site:

Copy the unique Site ID in the pop-up window:

Step 2. Connecting Hotjar

Open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Analytics tab:

Click on the Hotjar tab and paste the requested ID in the corresponding field:

Click Connect and publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Step 3. Verifying the installation

Go back to the Tracking code tab and switch to the Verify installation section:

Click on the Verify installation button:

In the opened window you should see your site and the Hotjar installation verified
message at the top left corner:

Done! Further instructions on how to manage your Hotjar account can be found in the Getting Started With Hotjar guide.
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