You can organize your products into categories in the online store. The categories can be used to automatically showcasing your products in the storefront block.

Important: the online store is available only for Pro sites.

Step 1. Creating product categories in the online store

Access the settings of your site and navigate to the Categories tab of Your store:

Click Create category:

Enter a name and a description of your category:

The new category will be shown in the tab. Click on the three dots to delete or edit its details:

Step 2. Adding products to the categories

To add the product in the category, you should access the editing mode of each product. For that, navigate to the Products tab:

Click on the three dots near the needed product and choose Edit:

Select the category and save the changes:

Now, the product will appear in the details of the category:

Tip: check the article Displaying products in the storefront in the online store to see how you can display your categories on the site automatically.
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