The product in your online store gets automatically added to the shopping cart once your visitor clicks on the Buy/ Order button. The shopping cart is fixed on the website page, and to access it, your customer has to simply tap on it. It opens with a pop-up form to fill in the contact information:

By default, the shopping cart has such fields as name, phone, email, etc. Follow the instructions below to see how you can add other fields.

Important: the online store is available for Pro sites only.

Shopping cart settings

Open the settings of your site and navigate to the Settings tab in Your store:

Open the Shopping Cart tab in the settings:

Here you can change the visibility of a shopping cart widget:

To change the default fields in the form, click Edit:

In the pop-up window, choose the field type, enter text and decide whether you want this field to be required, then click Save:

The available fields type are short text, name, email, phone, comment or long text. Short and long text fields are universal ones that can be used for multiple purposes — for example, to receive address, specify the size of the product, etc.

Note: you can create fields in any language.

If you want to add more fields, click Add field below:

To delete a field, click Delete near it:

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