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Shopping cart settings

The product in your online store gets automatically added to the shopping cart once your visitor clicks on the Buy/Order button. The shopping cart is fixed on the website page, and to access it, your customer has to simply tap on it. It opens with a pop-up form to fill in the contact information:

By default, the shopping cart has such fields as name, phone, email, etc. Follow the instructions below to see how you can add other fields.

Important: The online store is available for Pro sites only.

Shopping cart settings

Open your site settings, your store settings, and go to the Shopping cart tab:

Here you can set the minimum order amount:

To change the default fields in the form, click Edit:

In the pop-up window, choose the field type, enter text and decide whether you want this field to be required, then click Save:

The available fields type are short text, name, email, phone, comment or long text. Short and long text fields are universal ones that can be used for multiple purposes — for example, to receive address, specify the size of the product, etc.

Note: You can create fields in any language.

If you want to add more fields, click Add field below:

To delete a field, click Delete near it:

You can also enable payment method here:

Use this guide to translate the Shopping cart.

Changing the design of the Shopping card

You can set how the Shopping card looks: the size, the color, the animation.

To change the design of the Shopping cart, go to Pages and Popups, go to the Store tab and click on the "gear" to open the settings:

Or click on Pop-up settings in the upper right corner:

Choose the width of the Shopping card: small, medium or large. You can also stretch the Shopping card to full screen - this way it will look like a page, not a popup:

Choose whether your cart will display an "X" to close the cart and adjust its appearance:

Tick on or off the Shopping card header:

The Shopping card header is displaced here:

Also, if needed, you can enable and set up the animation:

To go to the typical Block settings, click on the "gear" in the upper right corner of the basket. Use this guide to change the design of the block:

To go to the Column settings, click on the "gear" in the upper right corner of the Shopping card:

Optionally, select and set up Shipping methods and Payment methods at the bottom of the cart, if you haven't done so before:

You can also remove these two items if there are no pay or delivery options in your store.

Shopping cart widget settings

To change the appearance of the shopping cart widget, click on the round button with the bag icon in the upper right corner. Now, you will be able to access the color settings of the icon (1), select the icon to display (2) and set additional widget properties (3):

In the additional widget properties (3) from the General tab (A) you can change the shape, position, indents from the edge of the screen for the widget, the size of the icon and activate/deactivate the widget display when the cart is empty;

in the Background tab (B) you can set the background for the widget:

Important: Publish the website to make the changes go live.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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