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Online store overview

An online store is a perfect way to showcase the products you sell to your site visitors. It includes most essential settings like adding the product images and videos, description, and price. It’s also quite simple to use — all you need to do is add your product in the site settings and choose where to display it on the live site.

But the best part is that you can tell a story behind the product.

The combination of intuitive website editor and online store allows you to create a platform where your product shines. There are plenty of ways to describe how you produce what you produce, how you started, and what your mission is. It’s no longer just about selling a product — it’s also about the value it brings.

That being said, with the Weblium online store, you have the flexibility which is often missing on huge e-commerce platforms. It’s now up to you how you present the product, and where it’s located on the page.

Here's an example of what you can achieve using Weblium online store:

Who is the online store for?

Amateurs. If you’re creating hand-made as a hobby or baking pies just for fun, Weblium online store is an ideal start for you. The prices and product descriptions are easily editable, so you can change them as you go. You can even sell 1 item on the website!

Small businesses. With Weblium online store, you can have an actual product catalog and update it easily. You’ll also have a unique link to your website that you can add on the business card on in the header of your Instagram account.

What are the main features of Weblium online store?

We have currently released a beta version of the online store, meaning that more updates are to arrive. Here’s what you can already do:

Create, delete products.
Add product images, videos, and descriptions.
Control product availability.
Set product prices.
Connect Stripe to receive payments.
Add manual payment method to accept payments outside the platform.
Add product card elements almost anywhere on the website.
Process product orders for each client individually.
Create categories for the products and instantly present them on the live site.
Change the currency.
Adjust the fields in the order form.
Receive notifications in Telegram.

Online store and Weblium CRM

All the orders from the online store will arrive in the Order section of your account. This is where you’ll be able to view new incoming orders and track their statuses. The orders will not appear in the CRM.

Here are the main differences between the online store and CRM. See which one works for you best.

If you are selling specific products (both physical and digital) at a specific price, an online store will suit you best. This way, your clients will know what they order, and the purchase process will be smooth and clear.

If you’re selling services, then it’s best for your clients to leave requests in the contact forms. These requests can be later processed in the CRM. The main difference from the online store here is that services can be discussed, and the prices may vary from client to client. Besides, it’s a common practice to upsell the services, and this is more convenient to do if you receive a request from a lead and take care of it in person.

Tip: An online store is available on all Pro and Trial websites and no additional payment is required.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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