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You can organize your products into categories in the online store. The categories can be used to automatically showcase your products in the storefront block.

Important: 200 is the maximum number of categories that can be added to the online store.

Step 1. Creating product categories in the online store

Access the settings of your site and navigate to the Categories tab of Your store:

There is a system category called Store homepage for all the products without any specified category. If you haven't added a product to any category, it will still appear on your store homepage. This category is the parent category for all the categories created. It appears first in the list and cannot be deleted or renamed, but can be edited or optimized for search.

To create a new category, click Add category:

Enter a name and a description of your category, add a photo and choose a parent category, then click Save:

You can choose any category or subcategory as a parent, thereby creating a hierarchy in your product catalog. For example, in the screenshot below, Plants is a parent category for indoor and outdoor plants, but the indoor plants subcategory is also a parent category for succulents:

If you access store homepage, you'll see Plants category in the top. If you open Plants category page, you'll see its two subcategories below and so on.

To delete, edit, or move the category, hover over it and click on three dots:

Important: if you delete a parent category, all subcategories will be deleted as well.

Upon clicking Move, choose a new parent category in a new window:

Note: moving categories doesn't affect their SEO settings.

Step 2. Adding products to the categories

To add the product in the category, you should access the editing mode of each product. For that, navigate to the Products tab:

Click on the three dots near the needed product and choose Edit:

In the General tab, scroll down to the Categories section and click Add to category:

Choose the categories where you want to display this product:

One of the categories will be marked as Default. If you want to delete the product from category, click on the three dots near it:

If you delete the default category, the next one in the list will become default automatically.

You can also choose several products at a time and add them in a category with one click:

Now, the product will appear in the details of the category:

You can also search through the products added to the category for quick editing:

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