Even if you have purchased a domain at Weblium, you can later transfer it to any alternative domain registrar.

To transfer your domain, follow these steps:

Make sure that your domain was purchased at Weblium. For that, navigate to the Domains tab:

If the domain you want to transfer is provided by Weblium, you'll see this:

Request Auth/ EPP Code for the transfer in chat or via support@weblium.com.

Contact the domain registrar you want to move to and send them the transfer code you'd been provided with.

Important: when the transfer is complete, your subscription billing will be carried out by your new registrar. Some domain providers may charge you for the next year ahead.

Bear in mind that if the site associated with this domain remains at Weblium, the domain will get disconnected. In order to put the site back online, you'll need to re-connect your domain:

Connecting a domain
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