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Generating texts using artificial intelligence (AI writing)

The AI writing function helps generate texts for your site based on ChatGPT technology. You can write in the corresponding window your request about what text you need to create, and artificial intelligence will write it for you. It can be a marketing or technical text, a description of a particular product or service, or even a poem.

Examples of requests:
"Make a study plan for the Spanish language courses"
"Write 4 sentences about a cleaning company"
"Generate creative text to sell cars"
"Advertising text about manicure services in New York"
"Write a marketing strategy for a pizzeria"

Note: The quality and length of the text in other languages may differ from the text generated in English.

Text generation with AI writing

Currently, you can generate texts for your site in the editor. To do this, follow these steps:
Click on any text element or heading and go to the bot by clicking AI writing on the right side of the text formatting bar:

In the opened window, you can specify the maximum number of characters of the future text (1), enter the description of the text you want to receive from the AI (2), and send the request using the Generate button (3):

After that, the AI will provide you with the text based on your request. The number of available requests to the bot within the current calendar month will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the window:

Important: The limit on the number of requests to the bot is set for your entire account, regardless of the number of paid subscriptions. In other words, at least 1 paid subscription in the account is enough for the limit to be expanded to the maximum possible.

If you want to receive another text with the same query, you can click the "Regenerate" button, and your last request will be re-entered. If necessary, you can edit it or change the length of the text. Then, press the Generate button. For example, in the example below, we specified the length of the text to 290 characters instead of the 2000 that were there before:

Click on the Copy button to copy the generated text:

You can close the AI writing window using the cross in the upper right corner if necessary.

Paste the copied text into the text element you need:

Tip: If you want to, you can edit the text according to your needs, for instance, add your company name, etc.

Done! AI-generated text is now added to the text element.

If you want to remove a response from the bot in correspondence with it, you can do it using the Delete button:

Updated on: 02/24/2023

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