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Purchasing subscriptions in a bundle

Purchasing subscriptions in a bundle is the ideal solution for those who want to take full advantage of the Weblium builder when working with several sites simultaneously. The offer applies to bundles of 5, 10 and 15 sites and allows you to save up to -50% off the standard subscription price.

Tip: Learn more about the advantage of a Pro subscription in the Comparison of the Free, Trial, and Pro subscriptions article.
Important: Unlike stand-alone annual subscriptions, bundles do not provide for free domains for the first year of usage.

Step 1. Access to the payment page

In order to purchase a subscription package, you need to decide on the first site that will be included in the package and click on the Upgrade button — these buttons are located in different places in your account, in the site settings or in the editor.

Log in to your Weblium account, hover over the site preview and click on the button in its upper left corner:

You can also go to the payment page through the site settings. To do this, navigate to your site's Settings and click Upgrade in the upper left corner above the menu or Connect domain at the top of the section:

Tip: To learn more about other ways to navigate to the payment dialogue window, see Purchasing a Pro subscription.

Step 2: Purchase subscriptions in a bundle

Navigate to the Bundles tab in the new dialogue window, select the offer you are interested in and click Buy:

Select your desired payment method (Credit Card or PayPal), enter the data required for payment, and click on Pay and subscribe to complete your purchase:

Wait a few seconds for the system to process your payment:

You will see a confirmation window that the payment was successful.

The button for purchasing a subscription will disappear from a preview of the site through which the payment window was accessed. You will see the date of the next payment instead:

...and additional 4, 9 or 14 subscriptions will appear in your account (depending on the purchased bundle). They can be applied to the existing sites or to new templates in your account:

Important: All the subscriptions in a bundle are purchased simultaneously. They will be auto-renewed the same way in the future, too. The fact that a single subscription from a bundle has not been applied to any site cannot "freeze" it (postpone the due date of a particular subscription).
Note: If you purchase subscriptions in a bundle while your site has a trial subscription, no extra days are added.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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