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Renewing expired Pro subscription

Pro subscription gives you a lot of opportunities to grow your online business — connect your own domain, remove all Weblium mentions, etc. After purchasing a Pro subscription for your site, it will automatically renew just before the expiration date. However, if you canceled the subscription and it expired, you can renew it in the settings by basically purchasing it again.

Tip: If you cancel your subscription before the expiration date and want to re-enable the auto-renewal, check the Turning on the auto-renewal for your Pro subscription article.

Renewing expired Pro subscription

To renew the subscription that has been expired, open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Subscription tab:

Note: The process of renewing the expired subscription is very similar to the process of purchasing it. Therefore, you can use any of the methods that are suggested in the Purchasing a Pro subscription article.

Click on the Update subscription button:

Upon clicking on the button, choose the billing cycle — annually or monthly — for your subscription on the payment page and click Upgrade:

You can use an existing payment method for your purchase. If you want to add new payment details, click Edit:

Tip: The Setting up the backup payment method article will tell you how you can add the new payment method to purchase or renew your subscription.

After choosing the payment method, go back to the payment page and click Pay and subscribe to finalize the purchase:

Note: Check the Purchasing a Pro subscription with a promo code article if you want to apply the discount.

Wait for a few seconds until the system processes your payment:

You will receive the confirmation window if your payment has been successful. Click on Back to the website settings to proceed with managing your site:

Then, you will see the pop-up with all the new features that you have acquired with the Pro subscription. You can go back to the settings or access the site's editor:

Once the website becomes Pro, the label gets removed:

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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