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Rounding of corners

In the settings of certain elements and columns, you can enable corner rounding for all corners at once or for each corner separately. This allows you to customize your site and flexibly create the design you need.

Rounding the corners of elements

To apply corner rounding to an element, such as an image, you need to:

Open the item's settings:

Tip: Rounding of image corners is available both in Flex blocks and for images in regular blocks.

Go to the Style tab, and in the Rounding item, specify the required rounding radius for all corners at once:

If you need to specify rounding for each corner separately, click the Independent corners button and enter the rounding for the desired corner:

upper left corner;
upper right corner;
lower right corner;
lower left corner.

After that, the corners of the selected element will become rounded:

Here is an example of different rounding for individual corners:

Rounding the corners of columns and collection items

You can enable corner rounding only for cards in a collection with a colored background or activated presets. To do this, go to Collection Settings, click the Style tab, and in the Cornering item, similarly to the previous section of the manual, specify the desired rounding for the elements (cards) of the collection:

Note: If you created a website using a template with rounding in the collection elements, the rounding applied according to this instruction would take precedence (would be displayed instead of the old ones).

Tip: After activating the “Rounding” switch, it will be automatically applied to all cards in the collection.

Corner rounding in columns

Corner rounding for columns is the same as for collections, but is specified for each column separately:

Updated on: 03/24/2024

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