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Switching from a monthly Pro subscription to an annual one will save your money. If you pay for the whole year at once, each month will cost much cheaper.

Step 1. Accessing the payment page

For the convenience of switching from the monthly subscription to the annual one, the Upgrade and Switch to annual plan buttons are located in several sections of your account.
Choose the method that suits you best:

Method one. Go to the Websites tab in your dashboard and hover over the gray ribbon PRO: Renews on your website preview with a monthly subscription. On hover, a message will appear with a Switch to annual plan button. Hit the button:

Method two. Open the site editor and click Upgrade in the panel in the upper right corner:

Method three. Go to your Site settings, select the Subscription tab. At the top, on the banner, hit the Switch to annual plan button:

Step 2. Finalizing the purchase

Use the second step of this guide to finalize the payment.
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