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Working with the text rotator

A text rotator element lets you put an eye-catching short message in any place of your website. You can have a text rotator as a part of the cover block, or add it as an additional element to any existing block.

In this article we'll talk about adding a text rotator, and then changing its color and font size.

Step 1. Adding a text rotator

To add a block which already comes with a text rotator, click on the plus icon in the editor:

Open the First screen tab and click to add a block wireframe-series-11-cover:

If you'd prefer to add the rotator to an existing block, click on the smaller plus icon:

Now browse through the elements list until you find the Text rotator element:

Step 2. Adding your own text in the rotator

Click on the gear icon to access the rotator settings:

Here you can add your own text items and set a delay:

Step 3. Customizing the color and the font size for the text rotator

The text rotator element doesn't have its own color/ font settings — these are taken from the general site style. That being said, if you'd like to change the rotator's color, you'll need to adjust the site color palette, and if you'd like to change the font size, the global font settings will come in handy.

Changing the color of the text rotator

The color for the text rotator is taken from the Dark Shade settings in the site palette. However, note that once you change the Dark Shade color, this will be applied to all the elements on the site where the Dark Shade is used (not just the text rotator).

More on how to access the color palette — in the Site color palette article.

Changing the font size for the text rotator

The typography used for the text rotator is the Hero title. You can change it in the global site style settings, but just like with colors, the changes will be applied to all the texts that go with the Hero titles.

The Changing site's font article will guide you through.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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