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Activating shipment methods

Set up shipment to allow your customers to choose a shipping method in your online store to receive their orders. You can add a shipping method based on two services: pick up from the store and courier delivery.

Follow the instructions below to add and set up shipment methods.

Important: Shipment feature is available for Pro sites only.

Activating shipment methods in your store

To install shipment methods, go to the site settings and opt for the Shipment:

You’ll see two options available, Pickup from the Store and Courier Delivery. Pickup from the Store option will let your customers pick up their orders in person at your point of sale. Courier Delivery offers courier delivery to customer addresses. To connect any of those methods press the Connect button:

After that, you should add the Shipping method's name and comments. In the comments section you can write whatever you think is necessary, for example quantity of days within the order ships to your client. Then, navigate to Shipping info. You will need to fill the Address that includes following information: Store name, address, and working hours. You can add several addresses:

Lastly, you will see the Include shipping costs checkbox. If you wish to charge your customers for the shipping, activate the checkbox. This way, you can include shipping costs. Under the button, write a shipping cost in the tab and choose a payment method. If you wish to make Shipping free, then deactivate the checkbox:

Tip: You can check out our guide to find out how to add and manage Payment methods.
Attention: This shipping method will appear on checkout and include the instructions you add.

To add a Shipping method element to your shopping cart, navigate to Pages and Pop-ups - Store - Shopping Cart. Press on Add an Element button and then directly on Related items to add a Shipment methods.

Changing text in the Free shipment label in the shopping cart

You can change shipment price that appears in your shopping cart by getting into the settings of the Multilingual site - Store and here, add your charters to the Free shipment label field:

It will appear in your shopping cart right away:

And you can also hide this text field from you cart. You just should enter the empty character in the field instead of the text. You can use this character among these quotation marks "⠀":

Updated on: 12/08/2023

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