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Adding a block to support Ukraine

You can add a block that suggests your customers donate to support Ukraine against the Russian invasion. You can select one of the links to the official pages of organizations for the button in the block: Come back alive, National Bank of Ukraine, etc.

Adding the #StandWithUkraine block

Open the editor, hover over the border between two blocks between which you want to place the block, and click the Add block button:

Go to the #StandWithUkraine section and select the block from this section:

At this step, you can publish your site and complete the work. Or follow the steps below to customize the block a little.

Now, you can choose which of the three charity funds will be linked to your button. To do this, click the button and open its settings using the "gear":

Open the drop-down list to select the fund your customers will open when they click on the button:

Optionally, you can change the text of the button by clicking on it:

You can also change the rest of the text and block design.

Publish the site for the changes to appear live.

Done! An example of a block that is added by default:

Note that the style of the button depends on your button design settings.

Note: You can select the "#StandWithUkraine" click action for any button on your site. You can learn more about adding the click action in this article.
Tip: You can add multiple buttons and link each of a different charitable organization from our list. More about adding buttons in this guide.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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