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Adding a language menu

A language menu is a specific component in the header and footer that allows your visitors to switch between languages on your multilingual site. When a user clicks on the language menu, it redirects them to the chosen language version of your site.

Tip: Learn how to create a multilingual site on our platform in the Creating a multilingual site article.

Adding a language menu

To set a language menu on your site, hover over the empty box and click on the "plus", then choose the element Language menu in the pop-up window:

Important: A language menu can be only added to the header or to the horizontal flow row in the footer of your site.

Hover over the component and click on a "gear" to open its Settings:

In the pop-up window you can choose the Language menu type — the way it will be displayed on a site. By default, the language menu comes as a Dropdown. Switch the tab to the Horizontal in order to change the display:

In the settings below, you can also change the number of the languages in the menu:

Important: The maximum number of languages in the language menu is 8.

There you can also switch the menu style — whether the component will display only the language icon, its name, or both. Besides that, you can adjust the text hover color:

Note: In the Dropdown type of the menu you can also set up its background color:

You can edit the icon of the particular language by clicking on the image itself. Check the article Icons settings for more detailed information.

To edit the text in the menu, select the text and adjust its display in the pop-up. Press on the "chain" icon to add the link to the relevant site address:

Don't forget to publish your site once you've done customizing your language menu.

Important: If you don't have the option of adding a language menu in your header or footer, you are using the previous version of the block. To access new features and prevent the unexpected issues with the display, add a new header from our gallery of blocks.

Updated on: 05/31/2023

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