Tabs are useful for organizing chunks of related information into a single block, this way freeing space on a page. 

Weblium editor allows you to add a pre-made block with tabs or enable tabs mode in some of the existing blocks.

Take a look at this block with tabs for visual understanding: 

Adding a block with tabs

To add a block with tabs, press on plus sign ‘+’  in the editor and choose the needed one from the variety of blocks:

Go to the block settings to align the block and choose the tabs quantity:

Creating tabs in a collection

In some blocks you may find synced items, which form a collection. These collection items can be re-structured into tabs. To achieve that:

Click on the Collection settings:

Navigate to Modes and opt for Tabs option:

 Now you are able to choose tabs type (with or without icon), accent color, number of tabs and tabs alignment.

* The maximum number of tabs is 8;
* The size of the icons in the tab is 40x40px.

 To move a tab within one block, hover over the element and drag it to the desired position.

To rename a tab, click on the tab name and add the needed one:

Tip: switching between tabs can be done by clicking on the name of the tab.

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