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Adding product ribbons

Add eye-catching ribbons to your products to draw customers' attention and increase sales. These could be "Bestseller", "New" or other ones. At Weblium, you can add up to 5 ribbons to each product.

Adding a new ribbon to the product

Open the site's Settings and navigate to the Your store tab:

Select a product for which you'd like to add ribbons. Click on the three dots near it and select Edit:

In the opened General tab, scroll down and press on the blank field either to opt for one of our default ribbons or add your own ribbon:

To change the ribbon’s color, press on the gear and choose the desired one:

Click Save to make all changes live:

Customizing ribbon's layout

You can also change the ribbon’s layout by pressing on the Customize layout button:

In the opened window choose the type, position and visibility of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit):

Note: All these settings will affect all the products in your store.

Once you've added the ribbons, they will be displayed on the product cards in the Product, Storefront blocks and Product element, as well as on the Product page.

If you want a ribbon to be displayed on the Product page, make sure you've ticked the checkbox Ribbon in the product details settings. Take a look at the following article to find out how to change the design of the product page.

Important: For ribbons to be displayed on the live site, previously created sites must be republished.

This is how the ribbons will look on the published website:

Deleting a Ribbon

To delete the ribbon, select an existing product and click on the X mark:

Save the changes.

Note: Currently, you cannot delete the ribbons globally.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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