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Can't login to the account

You may be encountering problems with logging in to your Weblium account due to multiple reasons. Based on our experience, in 99% of cases you'll be able to troubleshoot those reasons locally.

See the most common scenarios and the troubleshooting steps below.

Invalid username or password

If you see the Invalid username or password error when trying to log in to the account, first check that the username you entered is correct. If it is, then the issue most probably lies in the password that you entered.

See what you can do:

check the keyboard language;
check whether CAPS LOCK is on and if you need it for your password;
type the password in a separate tool (e.g. Notes, Word doc etc) where you can see what you're typing. Copy-paste the password from there to Weblium login window.

If none of this helped, request a new password by clicking here:

In the new window enter your mailbox:

A link to reset a password will be sent to that email, provided that such an account exists.

If you don’t get an email after 15 minutes, check your Spam folder. If it’s not there, it is most likely that you signed up with a different email address. In this case, contact our support team in chat for further help.

Important: On the strength of our Privacy Policy and with in accordance with United States data protection regulations, our team reserves the right to deny granting access to any personal information including names, email addresses etc to users who lost their account credentials.

Also, if you registered with your Google/ Facebook account, you will have to use those services further on to login to your Weblium account. In this case, once you try to log in with your email credentials regardless the assigned authentications, you'll receive an error.

Loading issues

If after submitting your credentials, the new window isn't loading and you can see only a white screen, it might be caused by the cache/ cookie files and some other saved data in the browser you're using. In this case, follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Clear cache and cookies in the browser you are using.

Open the browser in the incognito mode and try logging in to your account from there.

Update the browser to the newest version.

Try opening the editor from different browsers.

Turn off (temporarily) the extensions added to the browser — Adblock, VPN, and so on.

If that didn’t help, contact us via chat or at

Important: According to our Term of Use, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Account involved in posting any types of content that violated our Content Guidelines without prior notice.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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