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Payment issues

In case you encounter any problems with payments on Weblium, see the article below to check the common issues and their resolutions.

Troubleshooting payment issues at a checkout

If you're trying to pay for any Weblium subscription or service, and your payment was declined, it could be because the payment method is invalid, the billing details were entered incorrectly, or there's an issue with your bank or browser.

See the possible troubleshooting steps below:

Ensure you're using a payment method we accept — it could be either Visa/ Mastercard or PayPal wallet.

Make sure that your card has sufficient funds to cover the payment. Bear in mind that all fees listed at Weblium don't include any applicable federal, national, local, or other taxes.

Check whether you've entered the relevant payment details — if the expiration date or CVV code is incorrect, your bank will deny the charge.

Note: If your card number is incorrect, you will see the notification "Invalid card number".

If your card number, expiration date, and CVV are all correct, then your bank is denying the charge for another reason. Contact the support of the bank you're using and check the card settings to solve the issue.

If you can't proceed with your payment — for example, the page isn't loading, you can't click the needed button, etc. — it might be a local issue with your browser. In this case, make sure to follow the steps in the Editor and account issues article.

If none of the reasons above apply to you, contact our support team in the chat or at

Troubleshooting the renewal issues

If you received a notification about your payment or credit card failing for a subscription renewal, check the possible troubleshooting steps of such issues:

Make sure your card hasn't expired, blocked, or has been reported as lost/ stolen. In this case, change the payment method used for the subscription according to the Changing the payment method used for a Pro subscription article.

If your account balance was too low at the time of your renewal, the payment will fail.

If none of the above applies to your situation, contact your issuing bank to clarify the information.

You'll have 5 more days to renew a site after the expiration date. During this period, our system will try to process the payment from your primary payment method. If the primary method fails, your backup will be charged instead. Make sure to add a backup payment method to keep your site live according to the Setting up the backup payment method article.

Troubleshooting an unexpected charge from Weblium

If you see an unexpected charge from Weblium, see the following reasons below:

Your subscription status is set to Active. It means that the auto-renewal payments are on, and the linked payment method will be charged after the expiration date. See how you can turn off the auto-renewal in the Canceling your Pro subscription article.

You canceled your subscription after the expiration date. In this case, you've canceled the auto-renewal for the next billing period, however, our system still will try to charge your card for 5 days.

In these cases, contact our support team in chat or at for further assistance.

Tip: If you've accidentally upgraded the wrong site in your account, our support team can manually move the subscription to a different site. However, we can transfer the subscription only within a single account.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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