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Changing billing info on invoices

When a Pro subscription is purchased, Weblium automatically generates an invoice containing detailed information about the payment. You can add and change billing information that will appear on all future invoices.

Log in to your personal Weblium account, open the drop-down menu in the top right corner and switch to the Account Settings tab:

By default, invoices contain the name you specified when signing up. If you signed up with a Google or Facebook account, the name will be automatically taken from there.

Note: Should you change the name you entered during registration later in the "Personal info" section, the new name will not appear on future invoices. If you want to change or completely remove your name from an invoice, contact our support team via chat or email

Scroll to the Billing info section to add more detailed information about yourself or your company to invoices:

In these fields, you can add your company name, city, phone number, VAT ID number, country, email, address, and ZIP (postcode). You can see how to fill the boxes on the screenshot above. After entering all the required information, click Save.

The new billing information will be displayed on all future invoices in the Billed to column:

Important: Changing billing info does not affect previous invoices paid before the changes were made. To update information on paid invoices, contact our support team via chat or email When submitting such a request, please provide comprehensive data for the invoice to be identified (its number, date, time, amount of payment, website), and clearly indicate the information that needs to be added to or removed from the invoice.

Check out Viewing invoices for your subscription article to learn how to find your subscription invoices.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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