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Changing product URL in the online store

Each product in your online store has a dedicated page with a description, media gallery, SKU, and others. By default, the product page link is generated based on its name:

See how you can change the URL of the product page in the SEO settings.

Changing product URL in the online store

Open the settings of your site and access the Products section in Your store tab:

Choose a product, click on the three dots and select Edit from the dropdown:

In the opened window navigate to the SEO tab:

Proceed to the product URL section and enter a new one:

Note that:

You cannot change the system part of the product URL (for example, — this is defined by the domain you connected to your website.
Previous product URL works as a 301 redirect to the new one.
It is not possible to reuse the previous URL (neither in this product nor in another). If the URL becomes archived, it will forever remain a 301 redirect to the new link for this product. It is not possible to remove a URL from the archived list.
Subsequent changes to the product name do not affect its URL.

You can see the list of the old URLs for a particular product by clicking on the link below:

Save the changes so they appear live:

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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