If you add a new page to the pages menu, it will be accessible only by a direct link. To make a page visible to the site visitors, you should add it to the navigation menu as well.

The site menu is a part of a header or a footer block that serves for easier site navigation. With the help of a menu, your site visitors will be able to switch pages on a multi-page site or scroll to the blocks on a long single-page site. 

Follow the instructions below to set up a menu on your site.

Also, you can watch our short video tutorial on how to add a navigation:

Adding a menu element

Menu is usually added to the headers or footers by default. However, if you want to place several menus within a block, or move it to another row, you can add a menu in the following way.

Hover over the empty box in the block and click on the "plus":

Choose the Menu from the pop-up window:

Adding pages to a menu

Hover over the added menu and click on the "gear" to access its settings:

In the Items tab click on the Add menu item to set a new page in the navigation:

You can also delete, rename or duplicate the existing pages:

Tip: check the article Adding subpages to see how you can add subpages in the navigation menu.

Now, there are menu items that do not lead anywhere yet. To make sure they open the relevant pages/ blocks, you will need to link them accordingly. For that, open the item settings by clicking on a "gear" and choose the needed click action, then click Apply:

Note: you can also hide the menu item from the navigation in case you don't need it now:

Adding subpages in the navigation menu

Click on the menu settings in your header:

Hover over the page which you want to make a subpage and click on the three dots:

Choose Convert to subitem:

This is how it will look on the published site:

Changing the style of menu items

Once you've set a navigation on your site, you can go ahead and customize the style of the menu items — text color, formatting, etc.

In the Layout tab of the menu settings you can adjust the alignment of your items:

Navigate to the Style tab and choose the needed text formatting and colors for your menu:

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Tip: some font families in our gallery — for example, Happiny — have in-built text style settings. If the color of the hover for your item is different from what you've selected, try changing your font. Learn more in the article Changing site's font.
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