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Hiding a block on different devices

When building a website, you may need to hide certain blocks on the desktop or mobile versions of your site, or you may need to hide a certain block altogether temporarily. In this article, you will learn how to hide a block completely on your website or only on its desktop (computer) or mobile version.

Hiding a block
Hiding a global block

Hiding a block

To hide a particular block, you need to click on the three dots in its upper right corner and choose one of the options: hide block on all devices, only on a computer, or only on a mobile device/tablet:

After that, you'll see an icon in the editor that indicates which devices the block is hidden for:

Tip: If you hide a block on the desktop version of your site, you can continue to edit it in the mobile editor.

Don't forget to publish your site so that the changes are reflected on it.

Hiding a global block

You can hide a global block using the same method as other blocks.
After you have clicked the three dots and chosen which versions of the site to hide your global block (header or footer), you will see an additional notification at the bottom:

Here, you can choose whether to hide this block only on a specific page or on all pages of the site:

Tip: You can hide a non-global site header (one that is only added to 1 page) in the same way as an ordinary block, like in the previous section of this guide.

Updated on: 01/08/2024

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