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How to change your Weblium account email

Setting up an actual email for your account may be as relevant as connecting a domain or setting up the SEO for the site. As you will receive all notifications, emails, orders, form submissions, and other information right at your email address. It is also a protective measure, as your account is accessible only via the registered email, and a password recovery email will be also sent to the email you registered. But there might be some cases when you need to change your account email (e. g. you lost the access to your inbox).

Changing your Weblium account email

As you can have only one email address for your Weblium account as a login, you should choose wisely the right one for you. If you ever need to change it, please contact our Support via the email your account is registered with to request the change. Our Support team will be glad to help you and the changes will be effective shortly after you've contacted them. If you don't have an access to your email, be ready to provide additional information (such as the amount and the date of the last charge) as an account ownership proof to our support team.

Important: Due to security reasons, please contact the Support via email ( ) and not the Chat, so we can confirm the account ownership.

Note: Google authentification will be disabled after the email change.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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