You can upload your own font in addition to the fonts available in the editor of your Weblium site.

Important: this option is only available in the .woff format. If your font is in another format, you can convert it to .woff using external tools, e.g. Font Squirrel

To upload your own font:

Enter the editor of the site and click on the Site Style in the top right corner:

Navigate to the Texts tab and click on Edit:

Select which text type you want to upload the font to.

This means that if you upload custom font to, let’s say, a subheading, all subheadings on the site will inherit this font.

If you want to have the same font throughout the site, you will have to upload it to all the text variations .

Click on Upload custom font:

Choose the font on your PC:

Select the new font from the Font Family:

Click Done.

For changing site's font to one of the existing fonts, follow the instructions in the article below:

Changing site's font
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