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Managing orders in the online store

Once you've launched your online store on Weblium, you can collect and process orders from it directly in the site's settings.

Follow the guide below to see how your customers go through the order process and how you can manage orders on your side.

Important: Online store is available for Pro sites only.

How can your clients submit their orders?

Once you've added a product card on your site, the click on the Buy/Order button adds the product to the shopping cart by default:

As the visitor presses the Buy/ Order button on the live site, it automatically opens a pop-up form to fill in the relevant contact information:

If the visitor decides to continue shopping, he/she can close the pop-up for now and return to it later. The cart will appear at the top right corner of your site:

Tip: The cart has a fixed position — if the visitor scrolls the page, it won't disappear.

How can you process an order?

All the orders from the online store arrive in the Order section of your account. This is where you can view new incoming orders and track their statuses. The orders don't appear in the CRM.

Besides, you get a notification on your email each time a visitor submits an order on your site:

To access the orders, open site's Settings and navigate to the Orders tab:

Here, you can see the general information about your orders in the table view. Click on the order itself to see the details:

In the new window, you can check the contact information of your client, details about the order as well as its status:

Here you can also leave some private notes about the customer or the order itself. They will be visible only to you.

Hover over the field in the contact information and click on the pen icon to edit it:

At this stage, you can contact your client to process the order using any preferred way. Once you've accepted the deal, you can change its status to keep track of your orders.

To change the order status, click on the drop-down menu and choose the relevant one:

Even unpaid orders are shown in your site settings. To change the payment status of the order, click on the drop-down menu and choose the relevant one:

If the client decides to purchase something else after the order has been submitted or simply puts the wrong product to the shopping cart, you can edit the order yourself. For that, click on Add more products and choose the relevant ones in the pop-up window:

If you want to delete the current order, click on the three dots near it:

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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