Apart from the product and category page settings, there are global store settings that let you control the store currently, price format, visibility in search etc.

This article will guide you through the available store settings.

General settings

Open the Settings of your site and navigate to the store Settings in the Your store tab:

In the General tab you can close your online store from the indexation in the search engines. This will hide your product pages, category pages and store homepage from the search engines, but won't affect other website pages.

You can also select the global products sorting in the category listing, store homepage or storefront block, and change the pagination settings:

Product listing settings means that the products will appear to your site visitors in the order that you have set. Your customers can't choose their own sorting options yet.

The number of products on the page does not apply to the store homepage — there are no limitations.

Currency and price display format

Open the Data format tab in the Settings of your store to choose and preview your price display:

Here you can change the price display format and also hide trailing zeros in the fractional part.

Enter the currency for your products in the Prefix and Suffix fields:

The changes will appear in the product cards on the published site immediately.

Settings of the product card

Open the Product appearance in the Settings of your online store to choose whether you want your cart to be opened automatically after adding products:

Below you can also decide whether to display SKU near the product name:

Payment settings

In the Payments tab of the Settings of your store you can enable payments directly through the shopping cart on your site:

Payment methods will appear in the shopping cart only if they are connected globally on the website. There are available payment methods at the moment:

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Tip: learn how you can turn on the notifications for your orders in the article Enabling notifications for your orders.
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