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Setting the pop-up frequency

After adding and customizing a pop-up, you can decide how often it will be shown on the published site. The conditions of frequency are stored in the browser cookies. If the user deletes the browsing data (or uses another browser), we will consider him/her as a new visitor and will display a pop-up again.

Remember that too many pop-ups can spoil the user experience on your site, so mind their quantity and frequency.

Important: The option of adding a pop-up is available for Pro sites only.

Setting the pop-up frequency

For that, open the Pop-ups menu in the editor, click on the "gear" near the pop-up name and open the Triggers tab:

... or hover over the pop-up block in the editing mode and open the Pop-up settings:

In the Triggers tab choose the needed period in the Frequency dropdown:

Tip: If you choose the Every time setting, the pop-up will be displayed for the visitors every time they enter the selected paged on your site.

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Note: The Frequency settings won't apply if you haven't set the triggers for your pop-up yet.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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