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Setting up manual payment in your online store

Manual payment method lets you accept payments for the orders in your store outside Weblium. This could be a wire transfer, cash, payment on delivery, etc. In this scenario, Weblium is not a part of your interaction with the client, so you’ll need to take care of the payment process and provide detailed instructions.

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.

Setting up manual payment in your online store

Open the Settings of the site and navigate to the Payment methods tab:

Hover over the Manual option and click Add:

Add the payment method name — it will appear in the order form during checkout:

Add your instructions in the relevant field — make sure that they are clear and descriptive:

Save the changes:

Now, return to the Payment methods page and switch the toggle on to finalize the connection process:

Finally, publish your website for the changes to take effect.

This is how the payment option you added will be displayed during the checkout:

If you’d like to temporarily disable this payment method, toggle the switch off:

If you decided to change the details or delete this payment method completely, click on the three dots here and select the action:

Updated on: 07/29/2023

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