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Setting up manual payment in your online store

The manual payment method lets you accept payments for the orders in your store outside Weblium. This could be a wire transfer, cash, payment on delivery, etc. In this scenario, Weblium is not a part of your interaction with the client, so you’ll need to take care of the payment process and provide detailed instructions.

Important: Payment methods are available on websites with Trial and paid subscriptions.

Setting up manual payment in the online store

Open the site settings and go to the Payment systems section. Next, hover over the Manual option and click Add:

Now you can customize the appearance of the payment option for users:

① Add the name of this payment service. It will be displayed in the shopping cart during the order;
② Write down the payment instructions for the customer. Make sure they are clear and contain all the necessary details, and save the changes;
③ If necessary, add a link to redirect to another page. Your customers will be automatically redirected to this page after creating an order on the site;
④ Save the changes.

Done! This is how this payment method will be displayed during the checkout process:

If there is a need to change the details of a payment method or delete it, go to the Payment systems section, click on the ellipsis (three dots) opposite this payment method, and select the required action:

If you want to hide this payment method temporarily, you can go to the Payment Methods section and turn off this switch:

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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