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Connecting Flutterwave as a payment method

Flutterwave is a very popular payment method in many African countries, which allows you to make payments via Internet banking. The payments are made through the Payment Page and the Gate, withdrawals and refunds - through the Gate.
As a seemless alternative to PayPal in some parts of the globe, Flutterwave will make the shopping experience for users on your site easy and fleeting.
Flutterwave supports a large number of payment methods, including Apple Pay, Mastercard and Visa bank cards, etc.

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.

Connect Flutterwave as a payment system

Create or log in to your Flutterwave account and get your secret API key according to the Flutterwave's documentation;

Go to the "Payment methods" section in your site settings and click the Add button next to Flutterwave:

Add the secret API-key you have obtained into the "Secret key" field (1);

Add a link to a successful payment page (2) and a link to a failed payment page (3). If you do not have such pages on the site yet, you can create them by following the instructions in the article Adding pages. How to create a Thanks You page, we tell in detail here: Creating a Thanks You page;

Important: The links must start with https://

Specify the name of the payment method (4). It will be displayed to your customers on the checkout page;

Click Save (Cmd + S) on the banner that appears at the top of the page to apply the Flutterwave's settings you have entered for your site;

Note: To use Flutterwave in the test mode, enable the test mode via the switch (5). Enable the test mode, and paste your Flutterwave test mode's secret API key according to the instructions. Insert this key into the "Test secret key" field that will appear under the test mode activation switch on Weblium.

Go back to the "Payment methods" section and turn on the toggle button next on your newly added Flutterwave's tab in the "Connected payment methods" section.

Now your customers will see the option to pay via Flutterwave when landing in the cart and they will be able to pay for their products and services in a more convenient way for them.

Updated on: 01/19/2023

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