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Connecting iDEAL as a payment method

iDEAL is a Dutch payment system that allows users to pay for products or services online through their bank's interface. iDEAL currently covers about 55% of all transactions in the Netherlands, making it the country's most popular payment service.

When customers choose iDEAL as their payment method on the site, they are provided with a list of available banks. After choosing their bank, customers are redirected to the bank's site or mobile application, where they can safely make payments. The paid amounts, in turn, go directly to business owners' accounts that are registered and operated in those payment services through which iDEAL was initially connected.

Important: Payment methods are available on websites with paid and Trial subscriptions.
Note: iDEAL does not accept payments on its own. Instead, this payment system uses a network of partners who process customer payments on iDEAL's behalf. This means that you need to contact one of these partners if you wish to connect to iDEAL. In turn, customers can make payments via iDEAL payment system only if they have an account with a Dutch bank. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the prices on the site must be set only in euros. Otherwise, there may be errors in payment processing.

Connecting iDEAL to your online store

If you do not have an account yet, you should register by submitting a contact form request to the iDEAL sales team:

If you already have a business account, you can log in there via this link:

After you complete the registration process and get your business account, log in there.
You need to find the credentials, namely the Client key, API key, and Merchant ID, that you need to specify in your Weblium account.

Go to the Your Store section, then to the Payment methods subsection in your site settings on Weblium, and click on the Add button next to iDEAL:

Paste your Client key ①, API key ②, and Merchant ID ③ into the appropriate fields:

To the Success redirect URL ④ and Failure redirect URL ⑤ fields, you can add links to your custom success and failure pages you had created.

Important: You should paste the links that start from https://.
Tip: To know how to add pages, check this guide. You can also learn how to customize a "Thank you" page in this article.

Specify the region (iDEAL environment) you have previously selected in your iDEAL account during the registration process in the corresponding field .

Note: The currency in your iDEAL account must match the one in your store settings on Weblium and correspond to the specified region.

After all the fields are filled in correctly, save the changes:

Tip: You can find out more about setting up the integration in technical documentation from iDEAL. In addition, feel free to use their Help Center if further assistance is needed.

Publish your site for the changes to take effect.

Deactivating a payment method

If necessary, you can hide the payment system without deleting it.
For that, return to the Payment methods section, and in the Connected payment methods subsection, turn the switch off:

Connecting iDEAL to work in test mode

You can connect iDEAL in test mode to check the payment method's operation without using your bank card.

Log in to your test account via this link:

Tip: More information about the test mode can be found in the documentation from iDEAL.

Locate and copy your test Client key, API key, and Merchant ID.

Go back to Weblium, activate the Test mode, and paste those credentials to the corresponding fields , , and :

Important: The non-test mode fields marked with an asterisk below must also be filled in. You can enter the same sandbox credentials there if you have not entered data for real payments.

Save changes and publish your website.

After setting up the test mode correctly, you will see the iDEAL payment options inside the shopping cart after clicking on the Order button:

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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