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Connecting Stripe to your online store

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that allows businesses to receive payments over the internet. Connect Stripe as a payment method to your online store so that your customers can purchase your products in any currency using all major credit/debit cards.

Currently, Stripe operates in 42 countries. See the full list of supported countries on the Stripe's official website.

Important: You can set up payment methods on Pro and Trial websites.

Step 1. Getting the Publishable and Secret keys

Sign up or log in to the existing account on Stripe.

Note: Add the Account name in your Account Settings to be able to process payments:

Navigate to the Developers section on the sidebar and open the API keys section:

Copy the Publishable key and Secret key:

Step 2. Connecting Stripe to your online store

Open the Settings of the site and navigate to the Payment methods tab:

Click Add near Stripe:

If you have the live keys, enter them into the Publishable key and Secret key fields in the Connection section:

If you're using a test account on Stripe, make sure to enable the Test mode and paste the relevant credentials:

Important: If you don't yet have live keys for Stripe, you should duplicate the test keys both in the Test mode and in the Connection sections:

Add a success redirect URL — a link to the page your customer will see after successful payment:

Tip: This is a great way to present your "Thank You" page after the successful purchase. See the Creating a Thank You page article for more information.

Add a failure redirect URL — a link to the page your customer will see after failed payment:

Important: You should paste the links in the https:// format.

Add a title that will be displayed on checkout:

Click Save to proceed with the integration:

Go back to the Payment methods tab and toggle on the Stripe integration:

Finally, publish your website.

Now your customers will see the Stripe payment option in the shopping cart:

Note: Even if the payment has failed, the order will be saved in the Orders tab with Unpaid status:

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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