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Turning Weblium into an app

The Sonoma (14.0) update of the macOS operating system has introduced the Add to Dock feature. Thanks to this feature, you can save a website as a separate application icon that can be placed in the Dock via Safari and Google Chrome. This will allow you to launch such sites in a separate window as if they were a full-fledged application. In addition, Google Chrome on Windows also supports this feature.

Note: This feature is only available in the macOS operating system. This feature is not available on Windows and Linux.

Add to Dock in Safari

Using the Safari browser, go to the Weblium website and click the "Share" button on the toolbar:

Then select "Add to Dock":

And confirm your decision again with the "Add" button:

It's done: the Weblium icon is now in the Dock:

Website shortcut in Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, click "More" -> select "More tools" and go to "Create shortcut":

Enter a name for the shortcut, put a tick in the box “Open as window” (see the screenshot) and click Create:

You're done! The Weblium icon is created. If you want to add it to the Dock on Mac, you can find this icon in the Launchpad along with all the programs, and here, right-click on the icon → Options → Keep in dock:

Similarly, you can add an icon to the taskbar in Google Chrome on Windows in the same way.

Note: This application was created using the means of a browser itself to quickly open the web version of the Weblium editor. Weblium itself does not have its own application outside the browser.

Updated on: 01/18/2024

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