Countdown block serves for displaying backward counting to indicate the time remaining before an event that is scheduled to occur.

Use Countdown for your discount period or special offer, promote events and attract more participants, estimate the time left before the launch of a new product etc.

To add and set up Countdown on your site, do the following.

Choose a place where you'd like to have it and click on the "plus" icon:

Navigate to "Countdown" through the list of the blocks and choose one:

If you are working with a custom block, you can add Countdown as an element as well. For that, click on the "plus" icon within a block:

Then select Countdown:

Press on the countdown element to set the final date:

Click on the "gear" icon for more settings:

The menu will appear, where you can customize style by changing countdown type and date options:

Rename countdown labels in the "Content" section if needed:

Publish your site for the changes to take affect.

Here's an example of what Countdown looks like on a live site:

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